Set Fee Packages 

**Other services are available**

Beginning Dissolution Package                                                                 $550.00
 Includes preparation of:

Declaration Under UCCJEA (where children are involved)
Income and Expense Declaration
Schedule of Assets and Debts
Declaration of Disclosure
Proof of Service of Summons
Declaration Regarding Service of Declaration of Disclosure
Compliance with financial disclosure requirements per FC §2103

Modification of Custody/Visitation                                                           $350.00
Includes preparation of:
Request for Orders, Child Custody Application Attachments & supporting declaration

​Modification of Support                                                                             $250.00

Request for Orders & Supporting Declaration
Income and Expense Declaration
Compliance with Local Rules for financial disclosures

Paternity (Establishment of Parental Relationship)                                $350.00
Petition to Establish Parental Relationship with supporting declaration and all custody and visitation attachments
Child Custody and Visitation Application
 (If you are including a request for child support, add $100.00 for preparation of the Income and Expense Declaration and compliance with Local Rules for financial disclosures).  

The above fees are not an all-inclusive listing of the services available through Alternative Action Document Assistance.  If you have other Family Law related documents you need prepared, just call and ask for a quote. 

The fees quoted for these services do not include filing fees for the court.  Those are paid to the court separately and are the obligation of the party filing the papers.  
Why do I have to fill out all the forms for financial disclosures when we agree on everything?   Everybody hates them, but everybody has to do them. Essentially, it’s so that everyone knows what’s in the pie before they decide how to slice up the pie.  There can be severe penalties for not providing the information to the other party.  If you have further questions about why you have to do this or what has to be included, then you should talk to an attorney.   I make sure my clients are in compliance with the disclosure requirements to avoid problems down the line. For attorneys, we offer experienced paralegal service to help with disclosure and discovery matters or overflow work on a contract basis.