Alternative Action Document Assistance was established  to help with:

  • Divorce

  • Child Custody - establish or modify

  • Child Visitation - establish or modify

  • Child/Spousal Support - establish or modify

  • Paternity (Parental Relationship)

  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

  • ​other Family Law related issues

  • Judgments

  • Trial preparation

  • ​Discovery

  • Support Calculation 

D Elisabeth Aymett

Legal Document Assistant 

With more than 25 years experience, D can help you with just about any Family Law related document you need.

To help people who can't afford to retain an attorney, but still need help navigating the court system for Family Law related matters.  

Mission Statement

Contact Information

Hours: By appointment only - Monday thru Sat

flexible hours for working clients



What’s the difference between a Legal Document Assistant and an attorney? 

 A Legal Document Assistant (LDA) can 
* help you fill out forms and prepare other documents necessary to file with court.
*file documents at court for you once they are prepared. 
* save you thousands in legal fees
*save you many hours in line at the courthouse

When you need an attorney

An LDA cannot give you legal advice.  An LDA cannot represent you in a court hearing.


If you need representation for a hearing or have questions which require legal advice, you must retain an attorney to advise or represent you or hire a “consulting attorney” who will advise you privately without representing you in court.  Only an attorney can give you legal advice, negotiate on your behalf or represent you (speak on your behalf) at a court hearing.  When you need an attorney, I have several attorneys with whom I have good working relationships and are happy to consult with you or pick up your case for representation if it reaches a point where you feel you can no longer represent yourself.

Mediation: A Mediating Attorney can work with both spouses to help reach agreement outside of court without having to go through litigation.  Many divorcing couples find the services of a mediating attorney helpful in ironing out issues on which they cannot reach agreement by themselves.  Reaching agreement outside of court is always, always less expensive and emotionally damaging than going through litigation.  A Mediating attorney does not represent either party, but is able to answer questions which require legal advice and help each spouse understand the reasons the court may rule in a certain way or what the law requires in any given situation.  What seems "fair" isn't always "the law". Mediation can cover all issues or just one or two issues depending on how much the couple is able to work out on their own. I work with one of the best, Barbara Suskind, a Family Law Specialist and widely recognized in the field, especially in Contra Costa County. Using Alternative Action to help do all the paperwork and then mediating with Ms. Suskind is an excellent combination to have the best of cost-saving strategy and still have an attorney helping reach settlement and able to review the Judgment.